General Knowledge: How Well Do You Remember The 60s?

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How well do you remember the 1960s?

If you remember the Swinging 60s, or just love everything about the decade, take this quiz to see how well you know its icons and stars!

 May 22, 2020

1 of 20Name this band!
The Beatles
The Who
The Rolling Stones

2 of 20Name this movie!
"West Side Story"
"Rock N' Roll High School"
"To Sir With Love"

3 of 20Name this icon!
Martin Luther King
Dick Gregory
Malcom X

4 of 20Name this icon!

Creative Commons Zero - CC0
John F. Kennedy
Robert Kennedy
Ted Kennedy

5 of 20Name this movie!

Fantastic Voyage
The Time Machine
2001: A Space Odyssey

6 of 20Name this icon!
Brigitte Bardot
Jane Fonda

7 of 20Name this icon!
Jimi Hendrix
Sly Stone
Arthur Lee

8 of 20Name this band!
The Kinks
The Animals
The Who

9 of 20Pick your answer!

What famous '60s music festival did Joni Mitchell write a song about?
Monterey Pop

10 of 20Name this icon!
Bob Dylan
Stephen Stills
Neil Young

11 of 20Pick your answer!

What counterculture movement started in the '60s?

12 of 20Pick your answer!

Who played James Bond in the '60s?
Sean Connery
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton

13 of 20Name this icon!
Joni MItchell
Grace Slick
Janis Joplin

14 of 20Name this movie!

Universal Pictures
"The Birds"
"Rear Window"

15 of 20Pick your answer!

Who was the first man on the moon?
John Glenn
Neil Armstrong
"Buzz" Aldrin

16 of 20Name this band!
The Beatles
The Who
The Kinks

17 of 20Name this movie!

United Artists
"The Graduate"
"Where The Boys Are"
"Goodbye, Columbus"

18 of 20Name this movie!
"The Sound Of Music"
"Bye Bye Birdie"
"Hello, Dolly"

19 of 20Pick your answer!

What war was the U.S. engaged in during the '60s?

20 of 20Name this band!
The Doors
The Band
Creedence Clearwater Revival
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