Quiz: Only A Master Equestrian Can Get Above 70% On This Riding Test


Check your horse sense!

If you are an accomplished equestrian, or just love horses, you'll be able to answer the fun and challenging questions on riding!

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Who doesn't love horses? If you're an accomplished equestrian, a weekend rider, or just a hobbyist who appreciates the beauty of these majestic animals you'll be able to answer the question about horses and riding on this easy and fun quiz!

Equestrians can do anything with a horse! They can train, they can compete, and they work with horses in a broad variety of ways. The common denominator between their positions is the hands-on working environment where horse care and training is the top priority.

Equestrians puts their horses first. They check on them and clean their stables at the crack of dawn in all kinds of weather. If they ride, when they get bucked off, they get up and try again. They are people who tend to, or ride horses, and can't imagine their lives without a horse!

The sport can be physically demanding and mentally challenging to everyone from the amateur rider to seasoned equestrian. Equestrians are athletes, just like gymnasts, baseball players, or swimmers. In fact, their job may even be harder, as they are dealing with another living creature with a mind of its own! As with any sport, practice makes perfect and those that ride love horses enough to come back for me, even if they get a few bumps and bruises in the process!

If you ride or just plain love horses, you'll be able to answer the eighteen questions related to riding or horses in this fun and challenging quiz! So, get in the saddle and let's go!

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