Quiz: Only The Biggest Eagles Fans Can Name All Of These Songs By 1 Lyric

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"On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair..."

Are you the biggest fan the Eagles have ever had? If so, take this quiz to see if you can name some of their most iconic songs from just ONE lyric!

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The Eagles almost single-handedly turned the politically charged climate of the 1960s on its head and into the de-politicized sounds of laid-back Southern California in the 1970s. In doing so, they sold more than 100 million albums and created classics that are known and loved by nearly everyone.

The band merges country-tinged vocal harmonies with hard-rock guitars in hits that include "One of These Nights," "Best of My Love, "Life in the Fast Lane," "New Kid In Town," before releasing their concept album "Hotel California," which has sold 16 million copies to date! They released one more album, 1979's "The Long Run" before breaking up in 1980.

You know the names Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, don't you? They were the frontmen of the band and went on to pursue successful solo careers, but the group as a whole was never forgotten. Fans prayers were answered when they came together finally for a tour in 1994 and released the live album Hell Freezes Over. Once again, they found themselves at the top of the charts, and they've been a fan favorite and concert mainstay ever since!

If you're a die-hard Eagles fanatic, you'll be able to identify the songs in this quiz in just ONE lyric! Even if you're not that big a fan, you'll probably ace this quiz too, as the classics have permeated the pop and rock lexicon for more than four decades! Do you think you're up for the challenge? Let's go!

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