Quiz: Call Yourself A History Buff? Prove It By Acing This Difficult Test!

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Are you hungry for history?

How much do you love history? Share your wisdom by correctly answering questions about some amazing historical events!

 Feb 14, 2020

1 of 18Choose Your Answer:

The case of Brown v. Board of Education dealt with ________.
The Great Migration
Racial segregation

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What line divided the North and South in the Civil War?
The Blue Ridge Mountain Pass
The Mason-Dixon line
The Continental Divide

3 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What was discovered at Sutter's Mill in 1848?

4 of 18Choose Your Answer:

"The Great War" was a nickname for:
Cold War
American Civil War

5 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What country's flag was Christopher Columbus sailing under when he discovered America?

6 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who was the Prime Minister of the UK throughout the 1980s?
Tony Blair
Margaret Thatcher
Angela Merkel

7 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who was the sixteenth president of the US?
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln

8 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who shouted, "The British Are Coming"?
Paul Revere
Julius Caesar

9 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What ocean liner was retired in 1967 and became a hotel in Long Beach, California?
The Queen Elizabeth
The Queen Mary
The Olympia

10 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who wrote the novel "Great Expectations"?
Sylvia Plath
Charles Dickens
Mark Twain

11 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What European city is known as the "Eternal City"?

12 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What object did Ben Franklin attach to the end of a kite string to prove that lightning is electricity?
A nail
A key
A bottle

13 of 18True or False:

The Hundred Years' War lasted for more than 100 years.

14 of 18True or False:

Andrew Jackson was the first president to appear on television.

15 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Who was the 40th President of the United States?
Gerald Ford
Lyndon Johnson
Ronald Reagan

16 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What year was the Gettysburg Address delivered?

17 of 18Choose Your Answer:

Vincent van Gogh was NOT known for painting...
The Starry Night
Mona Lisa

18 of 18Choose Your Answer:

What did abolitionists oppose?
Women's rights
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Generations upon generations of people have come and gone and have left their mark; they've won and lost battles, survived diseases and wars, and created art and inventions that have molded the world in which we live. It wasn't always easy, nor was it always certain, but humanity has defied the odds and kept going. History is proof that we're not only still here, but that there is more to come in an ever-evolving future and the people and events, on our quiz solidified their place in history in one way or another.

How can you not love history? It offers us a window into the past and you have to admit—it not only informs the current state of the world, but it's pretty impressive too! Are you a big history buff? Do you know how certain people made their mark? Do you know all about the events that made history, from the birth of America to the fall of the Berlin Wall and everything in between? If you said "yes" to any of these questions, this is the quiz for you! To find out how much you know about the people and events who shaped the world over the past several thousand years, we challenge you to take this challenging but fun quiz!

If your grand passion is people and the events that shaped the world, sit back, relax and put on your thinking cap! Answer these tough questions about history-making events that occurred over the past centuries! Not only will you have loads of fun, but you'll also probably learn something, too. Good luck with your fun and exciting journey in time!