90% Of Americans Can't Answer All These Qs About The Constitution. Can You?

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Can you crack this case on the Constitution?

How well do you know the Constitution of the United States of America? Find out by answering these questions!

 Oct 21, 2018

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What was The Constitution called originally?
The Articles of Confederation
The Federalist Papers
The Bill of Rights

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Laws for the US are made by:
The President
The Senate

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How many terms can a US president serve?

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Which is NOT a branch of government as defined by the Constitution?

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What is the minimum age requirement for a senator?

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How many amendments to the Constitution are there?

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What is the main purpose of the Constitution?
To establish a new government for US and designate its powers and limits
To declare independence from Great Britain
To provide citizens with a written record of the constitutional convention

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What is the introductory sentence of the Constitution called?
The Preamble
The Federalist Introduction
The Constitutional Address

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The first ten amendments are known collectively as what?
The Federalist Provisions
The Ten US Commandments
The Bill of Rights

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Who is considered the father of the Constitution?
James Madison
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln

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Who was unanimously elected to preside over the 1787 Constitutional Convention?
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
Theodore Roosevelt

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Which word is not in the Constitution?

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Where did the Constitutional Convention meet?
New York

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Which of the following is the Nineteenth Amendment?
Women's right to vote
Freedom of speech
Due process

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The person who is appointed by the President to deal with foreign countries is ______.
Secretary Of State
Speaker Of The House
Attorney General

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If you were to "plead the Fifth", you can:
Refuse to answer questions that will incriminate you
Use a gun to defend yourself
Confront your accuser in court

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What is the minimum age for a presidential candidate?

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If neither the president or vice-president can serve, the job goes to:
The Speaker of the House
Attorney General
Secretary of State
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Do you love the history of this amazing country? Are you an American Revolution buff who's obsessed with the battles, events, and people who shaped this country in its early days? Do you know who the Founding Fathers were and how early American government was formed? Do you know about the protests, marches, and meetings that led to the Colonies wanting their freedom? Do you know the battles fought and waged in the name of Democracy? Do you know the countries that helped and those that were adversaries? Can you name the men and women who came together to declare their independence and form a nation in the wild, virtually uncharted New World? If you said "yes" to any of the above, you should be able to answer these difficult questions about the Constitution. Give three cheers for the red, white and blue!