Quiz: Only Someone Who Did Cheer Can Pass This Cheerleading Quiz. Can You?

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If you were ever on cheer team, you'll be able to ace this easy and fun trivia quiz on cheerleading!

 Jun 01, 2018
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Cheerleaders have been portrayed in music and movies in varying ways over the years, but it's a sport that's not for the weak hearted! Those that participate are not only in peak physical shape, but learn valuable life lessons that serve them well after they leave the sport. If you are a cheerleader or have been one, you'll be able to answer all the questions on the challenging, but fun quiz!

Those that were, or are, cheerleaders find that it instills positive traits and characteristics in those who participate. If you don't already have confidence—become a cheerleader! By doing so, you'll find that you accomplish things you never thought you could and you'll have the encouragement of friends who are learning at the same pace you are. You'll even learn teamwork which will make you not only a better cheerleader, but set you up for life outside the gym too!

If you were a cheerleader, or you just miss your cheerleading days or have always had an interest in the sport, this quiz is JUST for you! Can you identify certain cheer moves? Do you know how cheerleaders compete? Do you know the definitions of words having to do with cheerleading? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this quiz is just what you need! So, gather your friends, get in position, start cheering and get the crowd amped for your big quiz win! Hey, Ho, Let's Go!

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