Canadian Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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How well do you know Canadian slang?

Can you tell what Canadian slang terms really mean? Take this fun but challenge quiz on the terms the Canadian locals use!

 Nov 06, 2018

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What does "eh" mean?
Meant to ask comprehension, continued interest, agreement

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What does a "loonie" describe?
A crazy person

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What are "Timmies"?
Molasses cookies
Chocolate sprinkles on ice cream
Tim Hortons donut chain

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What is a "double-double"?
Regular coffee with two creams and two sugars
A double helping of cheese on fries
A burger with two beef patties

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What major Canadian city does "the 6ix" describe?

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What is a "two-four"?
A pack of cigarettes
A case of beer
A full day

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What does a "toque" describe?
A hat
A glove
a scarf

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What the is Canadian slang word for soft drinks?

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What does "zed" describe?
The letter "Z"
A type of toboggan

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What does "klick" measure?

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What kind of person does "keener" describe?
A shy person
An overly enthusiastic person
A sad person

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If there's a "kerfuffle" that means there's:
A commotion or fuss
Peace and quiet
A high level of organization

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What are athletic shoes called in Canada?

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""Pencil crayons" describe what writing implement?
Colored pens
Colored pencils

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What are "snowbirds"?
A type of pigeon
Canadians who head south during the winter
A type of Christmas cookie

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"True" also means what?

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What's Canadian slang for a couch or sofa?

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What do Canadians call it when they're waiting in line?
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Are you a good Canadian citizen or do you wish to be one? Do you love the history of this amazing country? Can you pass for a Canadian and, if so, can speak like one? If you said "yes," you should be able to answer these difficult questions regarding the Canadian lingo that has shaped the Great White North from day one!

Like most places, Canada has a language all its own! Sure, the locals speak English and French (those are the official languages of our neighbors to the North), but Canadian citizens have a language all their own within those languages. If you were to go to Canada, would you know what the locals meant when they asked you for a "loonie," or told you to meet them at "Timmies" in the "6ix"? Do you know what "eh" means or what means to order a "double-double"? Do you know what a "klick" describes? If you said "yes" to any of those questions, and you think you have what it takes to master Canadian lingo, this is quiz for you, "eh"?

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