Quiz: A Business Major Will Know The Meaning Of All These Words. Do You?

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Are you business savvy?

If you were a business major or even run one, take this quiz to see how many business terms you really know!

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Do you have a head for business or do are you thinking of one day running your own business? Do you know how to do your own banking? Can you balance your own books? Do you know how to pay your vendors or pay your own employees? Do you know what to do when you need to open a business account or get a line of credit? Do you know what a 401k is? If you said "yes" to any of those questions, then see how well you do on this fun but challenging quiz! You should know what it takes to be in business and that means learning terms that have to with your finances!

There's a lot know in regard to running a business—from hiring personnel to location and marking to accounting and everything else in between! As a business owner, at least initially anyway, you'll be doing a little bit of everything, so it will benefit you to know the terms on this quiz! Are you ready? Sit back, relax and sharpen your mind—this quiz isn't business as usual!

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