Baseball Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are you on the winning team?

Are you a fan of baseball lingo? If so, see well you remember the meaning of some of the sport's weirdest terms!

 Nov 09, 2018

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Where is the "keystone sack" located on a baseball diamond?
Third base
Second base

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What is the term for striking out four times in a game?
Silver beret
Golden sombrero
Bronze chapeau

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What does "AB" mean?
At bat
At base
Attention batter

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What does the abbreviation "A" stand for?

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What is also known as the "hot corner"?
Third base
Second place
Home plate

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A batter with an average below .200 is said to be below what?
The Mariachi Throw
The Mantle Peak
The Mendoza Line

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What does "IRS" stand for in baseball?
Inherited Runners Stuck
Inherited Runners Stranded
Internal Relief Strikes

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What does "DP" stand for?
Double positions
Double plays
Double pitches

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What is the term for an easy fly ball to catch?
A can of corn
A pound of tomatoes
A bowl of peas

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Which umpire position is known as the "rocking chair"?
On the pitchers mound
Behind home plate
Third base

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" H" is short for what word?'

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When a baseball pitcher has "cheese," what does he have?
An overpowering fastball
A curved pitch
An underhanded throw

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What does the term "twin killing" mean in baseball lingo?
Two strikes
Two foul balls
A double play

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What is a "tape measure job"?
A strikeout
A foul ball
A long home run

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Who was the baseball player known as Mr. October?
Reggie Jackson
Hank Aaron
Willie Mays

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When does a "set-up" man enter the game?
In the seventh inning
In overtime
In the first inning

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What is the term for a hard-hit ball?
A Sacramento slice
A Baltimore chop
A Boston Blast

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When a batter holds the baseball bat out and tries to barely tap the ball its called a:
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