Bartender Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Belly on up to this bartending quiz!

How much do you know about bartending? Take this quiz to see if you know the terms bartenders use to make and serve drinks!

 Dec 08, 2018
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Most everybody loves to go out for a drink, but do you know how to make a good cocktail? What do bartenders really do, anyway? If you think you know what happens behind the bar, answer these questions about just how to make a drink, what the names of certain cocktails are and what objects bartenders use to get you the drink you ordered!

If you've ever had a tasty drink, you know that bartending is really an art, and it is something you kind of need to go to school to learn. And it's just like everything else—it caters to trends. Drinks come into fashion and go right out. Did you know about the Moscow Mule twenty years ago? Probably not. Still, other cocktails have been around for well over a hundred years. Take, for example, an Old-Fashioned—this cocktail made with sugar, Angostura bitters, and whiskey, has been around since the early 1800s. It's literally called an old-fashioned for a reason!

If you love the history and art to making cocktails, take this quiz to see just how much you know about bartending. Think you've got what it takes? Let's find out!

By playing a quiz, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you'll work your mind out too! You may even be exposing it to new things and while you probably know all the answers here—we believe you're a trivia whiz, after all—there is a chance you may learn something you DIDN'T know. Everyone can use a little extra knowledge, don't you think? We sure do!