Baking Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do You Know?

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Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Take the challenge!

Do you know how to bake delicious desserts? Take this quiz to answer questions about some common baking terms!

 Oct 07, 2018

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How many donuts are in a "baker's dozen"?

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What is Agave nectar?
A type of cake icing
A type of salt
A type of sweetner

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True or False: A batard is a type of bread.

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What is it called to tie together three or more long pieces of dough?

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To remove the seeded, inner portion of a fruit is called ___.

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What is docking?
Putting uncooked bread into an oven
Making a sliced loaf of a bread
Cutting into the surface of bread/rolls for proper expansion while baking

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What is an additive-free, coarse-grained salt called?
Himalayan salt
Kosher salt
Flake salt

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What is a cobbler?
A slice of cake covered with fruit
Fruit filling topped with a biscuit dough
A type of pie

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What is cream of tartar?
Tartar sauce
An acid used as a leavening agent
Half-and-half cream

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To proof bread is to:
Roll it in cornstarch
Slice it
Allow yeast to activate

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What is creaming?
The process of mixing sugars and fats
Allowing meringue to rise
Putting icing on dessert

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What is an egg wash?
A peeled hard boiled egg
A mixture that gives a rich color or gloss to the crust of a baked good
An egg that has been run under water

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What does punch down describe?
Putting holes in donuts
Using less sugar in the recipe
Deflating dough

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To garnish something is:
To decorate a finished dish with colorful food to make it look pretty
To cut baked goods into geometric patterns
To add more salt

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What is French term for a water bath?

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What does curdling describe?
When a mixture becomes smooth
When a mixture separates into its component parts
When a mixture is thickened

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What does it mean to dredge?
To allow a yeasted dough to rise
To mix two things together using a gentle lifting and turning motion
To coat an ingredient with a dry ingredient

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When baking, what does it mean to beat something?
Add different ingredients
Stir something fast in order to remove the air
Slam something down on the table
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Are you a natural baker? Do you think you have what it takes to be a real master dessert maker? Can you whip up a decent pastry with only a few ingredients or do you burn everything you touch? Test your skills about working in the kitchen with this fun but challenging quiz!

Baking is becoming more of a lost art, but there are still folks that take pride in their culinary skills. Food shows and recipe books are more popular than ever and are a strong testament that even in our busy world, a home cooked meal is where it's at. Just ask any foodie you see!

Do you know how certain foods should be stored and cleaned before cooking? Do you know how to measure cups, grams, quarts and liters? Do you remember how to grate, blanch, sear, batter, caramelize, clarify, drizzle or fillet? Do you know how to make yeast rise? Can you make bread, donuts, cake, cookies and pie? Do you know how to make different dessert sauces? Do you know what it means to make dough rise? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, this is the quiz for you! Answer these 18 tough questions about everything from baking practices to the properties of certain foods. If you think you've got a culinary green thumb, grab your chef's hat, consult your recipes and cookbooks, pull out your kitchen utensils and take this quiz. We're sure you'll not only ace it but whip up a delicious dish at the same time. Good luck!