Only People Who Love Art Can Pass This Art History Challenge. Could You?

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Are you an artist at heart?

If you're an artist or have an appreciation for art, put your knowledge to the ultimate test with our art history quiz! Not everyone will pass!

 Jun 12, 2018
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Art history is a reflection of what's gone on in every civilization since man was first drawing on cave walls. It reflects the times from which it was created and all and the events that shaped the world during that period—from great battles to inventions and from plagues to celebrations, art is a window into history, and artists are telling their version of how things were when they were alive through their timeless creations. Their stories are on canvas, paper, or etched in stone in museums around the world for us, and future generations, to continue to learn from.

Do you know the great artists of the world and their many works? Do you go to museums every chance you get? Do you know the history of the various movements in art? Do you know art theory and what certain art techniques are? Do you know what was going on in the world as some famous art was being created? Did you study art history in school? Do you create artistic pieces yourself? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this is the quiz for you. not only features art quizzes like this one, but others that are tailor-made to your other specific interests. So, sit down, relax, pull out your thinking cap and your brushes and canvases to see how well you get through these questions about the great art and artists of human civilization. Good luck!

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