Quiz: Even People With PhD's Can't Pass This Animal Vocabulary Test

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Are you an animal lover?

How well do you know the animal kingdom? Take this quiz to discover if you really know everything about wild and domesticated species right now!

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Everyone is fascinated by species other than ourselves. Are you crazy for cats? Delighted by dogs? Mad for monkeys? Wowed by whales? Do pigeons pique your curiosity? Do you think giraffes are the greatest? If you love animals of all shapes and sizes, this quiz is just for you.

They're are furry, scaly, rough and soft. The walk on two, four, six, eight, or even more legs. Some have no legs at all. Some live on the land, others in the air, and still others at sea. Some are companions to humans, while others we steer clear of because they're way too dangerous. But all of them are fascinating.

Do you know what we're talking about? That's right—the animal kingdom. In every way, shape or form, in every corner of the world, from cities to rural areas, we see and interact with bugs and fish, dogs and chickens, and sharks and everything in between in our homes, at zoos and just well, everywhere. If you're obsessed with animals, answer these fun but challenging questions about all things animals to see how you fare.

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