Quiz: Less Than 4% Of Americans Can Ace This American Frontier History Test

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How much do you know about the Wild West?

How much do you know about the way the West was won? Take this quiz on the people and places that made frontier history!

 Oct 25, 2018

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Who did the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday fight at the OK Corral?
Clay Allison
The Clantons and McLaury brothers
Billy the Kid

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What disease did Doc Holliday suffer from?

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What was Billy the Kid's real name?
Henry McCarty
Jesse James
William Morrison

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Who was the man that was hired to track down and kill Billy the Kid?
Pat Garrett
Doc Holliday
Eliot Ness

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Where was Fort Apache located?

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What newly acquired piece of land were Lewis and Clark sent to explore?
The Louisiana Purchase
Donner Pass
The Continental Divide

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Daniel Boone was an early pioneer who settled in what state?

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The longest canal in the US was built in the early 1800s and was known as what?
Los Angeles Aqueduct
Soo Locks
The Erie Canal

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How many dollars did the Indians sell Manhattan for?
$1 million

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_________ Jane was renowned for her sharp-shooting, whiskey swilling, and cross-dressing ways.

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Where was the OK Corral?
Tombstone, Arizona
Deadwood, Colorado
Reno, Nevada

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What was Doc Holliday's profession?

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Where was gold first discovered in 1848?
Donner Pass
Sutter's Mill, California
Pike's Peak, Colorado

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What does GTT stand for?
Gone To Temecula
Gone To Travel
Gone To Texas

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In 1607, where did the America Frontier first begin?
Manhattan, New York
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jamestown, Virginia

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Due to health reasons, Theodore Roosevelt was moved to ____.
North Dakota

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Who was shot in the back by Bob Ford on April 3, 1882?
Jesse James
Clay Allison
Dalton Gang

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Who is known for helping Lewis and Clark on their expedition?
Red Cloud
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Do you know how the West was won? Are you drawn to the wild West? Do you love tales of the explorers, the pioneers, of Manifest Destiny and how the country came to be? Did you ever dream of being in a covered wagon? Were you always a fan of Western movies and TV shows? Did you always want to pan for gold, ride a horse, or saunter into a saloon while chewing a toothpick? Are America's frontier days a hobby of yours? Do you ever think you were born at the wrong time?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this is the quiz for you! Test your skills and knowledge on the frontier days of America and show how much you know about the gunslingers, villains, lawmakers, and pioneers who kept pushing westward to create the America we now live in and love today! Explore how both heroes and villains shaped this country is fun but challenging quiz and good luck on your perilous journey!

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