Quiz: Can You Actually Pass A 25 Question Advent Quiz?

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Are you amazing at Advent trivia?

Do you know all about the season just before Christmas? Take this quiz to see if you know just what Advent is all about!

 Dec 21, 2018

1 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Each candle on an Advent wreath represents:
1000 years
1 year
1 week

2 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What do evergreen branches of the wreath symbolize?
Eternal life
God's love

3 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Which patron saint of children do we celebrate on December 6?
St. Anthony
St. Nicholas
St. Peter

4 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Advent started as a fasting holiday.

5 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What kind of candy is usually in an Advent calendar?
Gummy bears

6 of 25Choose Your Answer:

In what country did Advent originate?

7 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Which of the following is NOT another term for Advent?
Christmas Lent
Nativity Lent

8 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Where were Advent calendars first made?

9 of 25Choose Your Answer:

On what day does Advent begin?
The Sunday nearest November 30
The Sunday nearest Christmas
The Sunday nearest New Year's Day

10 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Which of these is NOT sung or recited during Sunday mass in Advent?
Apostles Creed
The Serenity Prayer
Our Father

11 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Who is said to have created the first nativity scene?
St. John the Baptist
St. Francis of Assisi
Joseph of Arimathea

12 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What does the Pope do on Gaudete Sunday?
Blesses the baby Jesus in manger scenes
Blesses the Wise Men in Nativity Scenes
Brings his own gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh

13 of 25Choose Your Answer:

Which is not represented by an Advent candle?

14 of 25Choose Your Answer:

How many days are represented in an Advent calendar?

15 of 25Choose Your Answer:

How many candles are there on an Advent wreath?

16 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What is the official color of Advent?

17 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What does the word "Advent" mean?
God's love
Good news

18 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What shape is an Advent wreath?

19 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What color is the "Christ candle" on an Advent wreath?

20 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What feast marks the beginning of Advent?
Feast of St. Lucy
Feast of St. Andrew
Feast of John the Baptist

21 of 25Choose Your Answer:

How many Sundays are included in the traditional Advent celebration?

22 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What does the rose or pink candle signify on an advent wreath?

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St. Nicholas (Nikolaus von Myra) lived in what is now ____________ in the 4th century.

24 of 25Choose Your Answer:

In Germany and Austria, Nikolaus brings gifts to children on what date?
December 6
January 6
December 26

25 of 25Choose Your Answer:

What Biblical play is most popular at Advent?
The Nativity
The Crucifiction
The Resurrection
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Advent is rife with traditions throughout the season, some of which are still practiced and some that aren't. If you think you know which are which, this is the place to test your skills! How much do you love Christmas? Do you know the reason for the season? Are you aware of Advent and what it means in regard to the Christmas holiday? Do you know how Advent came to be and from where it originated? If you said "yes" to any of those questions, and you're a Catholic in good standing, you'll be able to answer these tough questions about Advent in this fun but challenging quiz!

You've seen Advent calendars all your life—but do you know why they exist and what country they originate from? Sure, they, tell the story of the Nativity, but they are more recent and rooted in European history. As for Advent itself, it symbolizes the present situation of the church in these “last days,” as God’s people wait for the return of Christ in glory to consummate his eternal kingdom. If you think you know all there is to know about Advent, then this is the quiz for you!

By playing a Women.com quiz, you will not only enjoy yourself, but you'll flex your mind's muscles too! You're exposing it to new things and while you probably know all the answers here—you ARE a trivia guru, after all—there is a chance you may learn something you DIDN'T know. Wouldn't that be great? And everyone can use a little extra knowledge, don't you think? So, go the distance!