Quiz: Can You Name All These One Hit Wonders From The 90s By Just 1 Lyric?

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Think you remember these Billboard hits?

How well do you know these bands who graced the charts with just one hit? Name them by just one lyric!

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Who doesn't love a one hit wonder? Every decade, there are a few bands and artists who come out with that one perfect song that's on everybody's lips, and then, for reasons known only to the musical gods, they are never heard from again. Where they go is sometimes a mystery, sometimes not. Some bands split up, and one of its members becomes an even bigger star, which others just fade into obscurity and probably get day jobs somewhere.

The one thing that remains—their songs. Those timeless classics that made the summer better, or your holidays just a little more memorable. Do you know where you were when you heard "99 Luftballons," "Mickey," "The Thong Song," "Crazy," "Ice, Ice Baby," "The Macarena," and so many more? And do you think you can name the artist who created your favorite jam with just one lyric? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, throw on some headphones, crank up the tunes and give this musicial quiz a try!

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