80s Quiz: Can You Recognize All Of These Iconic 80s Items?

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"Michael Jackson's Thriller" via Epic Records

Only true 80s babies will pass!

If you are a true 80s baby and love the 80s, take this quiz to see how many of the things you can remember from just one image!

 Aug 03, 2019
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Who doesn't appreciate the 80s? If you grew up in the decade, you most certainly can remember the amazing decade! The 80s consisted of epic hair styles, fantastic culture, significant historical moments, and quality entertainment!

Are you a true 80s baby? If so, what do you remember about this eventful decade? Are you familiar with the Reagan administration, the end of the Cold War and the beginnings of personal computers and cell phones? Do you remember the Challenger disaster MTV, new wave, and the Indiana Jones movies? Were you a Michael Jackson or a Prince fan? Did you watch Alf, Family Ties, Miami Vice or the Golden Girls religiously? Did you love the music of Madonna? Did you have big hair? Did you listen to music on a Walkman? If you said "yes" to any of those questions, then it's now your time to shine! Take this quiz to show your knowledge of the 1980s. Whether or not you think it was a great decade, one thing is for sure, events during the 1980s continue to impact us, even today!

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