Quiz: Bet You Can't Correctly Spell The Names Of All These 80s Icons

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Spell it out, 80s style!

How well can you spell the names of some 80s icons? Take this quiz to find out if you can spell famous names from the 80s!

 Jun 03, 2019

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Universal Pictures
Molly Ringwald
Mollie Ringwald
Malie Ringwold

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Mr. Deeds via Columbia Pictures/New Line Cinema
Winona Ryder
Wynona Rider
Winony Rider

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TriStar Pictures
Arnold Swarzennegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnol Schwarzeneggar

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Madonna "Material Girl" via Warner Bros.

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"The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" via Portrait Records
Cindie Lauper
Cyndi Lauper
Cyndi Lawper

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Universal Pictures
Micheal J. Foxx
Michael J. Fox
Mikael G. Fox

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Wikimedia Commons
Princess Dianna
Princess Diana
Princess Dyana

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via pixabay
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Raygan
Ronald Regan

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Eddie Murphy
Edy Murphy
Eddie Merphee

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Vestron Pictures
Patrick Swaysee
Patrick Swayze
Patrik Swayzea

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Paramount Pictures
Mathew Brodrick
Matthew Broddrick
Matthew Broderick

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Paramount Pictures
Kevin Bacon
Keven Baycon
Kevin Bakon

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"I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)" via Arista Records
Whitny Houston
Whitney Houston
Whitney Huston

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Paramount Pictures
Eilio Estivez
Emilio Esteeviz
Emilio Estevez

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Baywatch via Paramount Pictures
David Hasselhoff
Dave Haselhoff
David Haselhof

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Universal Pictures
Drew Barrymoor
Druw Berrymore
Drew Barrymore

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The Golden Girls via Disney-ABC Domestic Television
Estele Gety
Estelle Gettee
Estelle Getty

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via Instagram: @officialqueenmusic
Fredy Mercury
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercuri
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Who doesn't appreciate the 80s? Whether or not you grew up in the 80s, everyone remembers this amazing decade! The 80s consisted of epic hair styles, fantastic culture, significant historical moments, quality entertainment and some great icons in everything from movies and music!

Are you a true 80s baby? Are you familiar with the Reagan administration, the end of the Cold War and the beginnings of personal computers and cell phones? Do you remember the Challenger disaster MTV, new wave, and the Indiana Jones movies? Were you a Michael Jackson or a Prince fan? Did you watch Alf, Family Ties, Miami Vice or the Golden Girls religiously? Did you love the music of Madonna? Did you have big hair? Did you listen to music on a Walkman? More importantly DO ALL YOUR FAVORITE PEOPLE COME FROM THIS GREAT DECADE? If you said "yes" to any of those questions, then it's now your time to shine! Take this quiz to combine your knowledge of the people of the 80s with your spelling skills! Good luck!

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