You HAVE To Be A 70s Baby To Ace This 70s Quiz. You Up To It?

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Were you a true flower child?

If you are a 1970s kid, take this quiz to see how much you remember about the decade that had it al!

 Mar 31, 2019

1 of 18Name the movie:

Paramount Pictures
Lords of Flatbush
The Wanderers

2 of 18What president is Elvis shaking hands with?

Richard Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter

3 of 18What are these?

Floppy Disk
Reel to reel tapes

4 of 18OJ Simpson played for the ___.

via Wikimedia Commons/Gerald Johnson/Public Domain
The Dallas Cowboys
The Buffalo Bills
The Miami Dolphins

5 of 18She was the lead singer for the:

Wikimedia Commons
Fleetwood Mac
The Carpenters
The Captain and Tennille

6 of 18The world would be a different place without:

via 20th Century Fox
Star Wars
Logan's Run

7 of 18The Flower Power Movement was created because of:

World War II
The Vietnam War
The Korean War

8 of 18"Holidays In The Sun" was a popular song performed by:

via Wikimedia Commons/ National Archives of Norway/Public Domain
The Beatles
The Sex Pistols
The Damned

9 of 18What did the Pet Rock do?

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It rolled over
It moved

10 of 18Saturday Night Fever was known for:

Paramount Pictures
Disco dancing
Line dancing
Break dancing

11 of 18What talent did the Brady kids have?

They were magicians
The were circus performers
They were a singing group

12 of 18Whatever emotion you were feeling, you always checked your __ ring!

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13 of 18Nothing will be able to replace:

Mork & Mindy
Charlie's Angels
Happy Days

14 of 18Name the Olympic skating champion:

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Peggy Fleming
Tonya Harding
Dorothy Hamill

15 of 18Name the group:

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The Jackson 5
The Hudson Brothers
The Osmonds

16 of 18Name this character:

Nellie Oleson
Mary Ingalls
Laura Ingalls

17 of 18M*A*S*H* took place during:

M*A*S*H via 20th Television
The Korean War

18 of 18Who played TV's "Wonder Woman"?

Wonder Woman via CBS
Lynda Carter
Suzanne Somers
Kate Jackson
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Are you a true flower child? Does the 70s hold a special place in your heart? Do you like to take a walk down nostalgia lane to remember the good ol' days? Does phrases like, "far out" and "it's time to boogie" hold a special place in your heart? Would you rather enjoy watching an episode of Happy Days over something that is currently being watched by millennials? If so, you have come to the right place!

The 70s is truly a special decade. It is known for it's amazing bands and one a kind pop culture. Without the 70s, the American culture would not be where it is today.

Now if you are a TRUE 70s expert the time has come. If you truly believe that you have what it takes to ace this quiz in front of you then what are you waiting for? It is always special to show your appreciation for the generation and decade that you came from. Everyone is given opportunities throughout their life to show how grateful they are and this is yours! cares about making everyone's lives easier. If all you have is a quick minute, then you have come to the right place! Sit back, take a deep breath, and relax. Because your quick rest from reality is about to begin. Remember to share your results with your friends and family so they can take a breather from their personal lives as well! Now lets boogie down and make these days... happier!