Quiz: Only An Environmental Science Major Can Get 10/15 On This Test

If you want to be an environmental scientist, this quiz is for you!

 Jan 05, 2017
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Question: 1/15Fill in the blank!

Environmental science is the study of _____.
the relationships of the natural world
the seasons in the world
the most natural chemicals in the world

Question: 2/15Fill in the blanks!

The quantity of water on earth is ____ and is continually ____.
limited, lacking
constant, recycled
diminishing, limited

Question: 3/15Pick the right answer!

How many trees are felled every day for toilet paper alone?
Over 25,000
Less than 10,000
About 5,000

Question: 4/15Pick the right answer!

How many times can paper be recycled?

Question: 5/15Fill in the blank!

About ___ of water on earth is drinkable.

Question: 6/15Fill in the blanks!

____ of bottled water comes from municipal tap water.
More than 25%
More than 80%
Only 10%

Question: 7/15Pick the right answer!

Which animals have chins?
Humans, elephants, and rhinos
Just humans
Humans and elephants

Question: 8/15Pick the right answer!

How do beavers see underwater?
Their eyes adjust
They have transparent eyelids
They can't

Question: 9/15Pick the right answer!

How many hearts do octopuses have?

Question: 10/15Pick the right answer!

Which species of bats are blind?
Egyptian fruit bat
Honduran white bat

Question: 11/15Fill in the blanks!

Dolphins shed the ____ layer of skin every ___ hours.
side, 4
bottom, 12
top, two

Question: 12/15Pick the right answer!

Which populated continent is the driest in the world?

Question: 13/15Pick the right answer!

What is the largest continent in the world?
North America

Question: 14/15Pick the right answer!

Why was Africa often referred to as the Dark Continent?
It has very little sunlight
Because of its trees
Not much was known about it

Question: 15/15Pick the right answer!

Which content has five time zones and every kind of climate?
North America
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