Quiz: Only A True Leo Can Get 10/15 On This Test

Leos are extremely creative and have wild imaginations.

 Dec 25, 2016
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Question: 1/15In modern astrology, which planet rules Leo?

The sun

Question: 2/15You've been told you have these traits.

Impatient, angry, and rude
Sad, intolerant, and hot headed
Dogmatic, interfering, and intolerant

Question: 3/15Which tree is associated with Leo in sun sign astrology?

Citrus tree
Nut trees
Apple trees

Question: 4/15Which of the four astrological elements is associated with a Leo?


Question: 5/15Your favorite color is _____.


Question: 6/15What is a Leo called in Egyptian Mythology?


Question: 7/15Your friends say your best qualities are _______.

Generous, thoughtful, and happy
Proud, generous, and loving
Nice, smart, and witty

Question: 8/15Which two countries do Leos rule?

France and Italy
Spain and Hungary
Greece and India

Question: 9/15Which house does a Leo control?

5th house
3rd house
12th house

Question: 10/15In Greek Mythology, who made Leo a constellation?


Question: 11/15What are the three main stars in Leo's constellation?

Castor, Pollux, and Alhena
Regulus, Denebola, and Algieba
Aldebaran, Alnath, and Hyadum

Question: 12/15What signs do you get along with the best?

Cancer and Aquarius
Pisces and Scorpio
Aries and Sagittarius

Question: 13/15What is Leo's name in Roman Mythology?


Question: 14/15What is Leo's planetstone?


Question: 15/15What is a negative characteristic of yours?

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