Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A Home Ec Teacher

How knowledgable in the domestic arts are you? Find out now!

home ec
 Jan 05, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick the right answer!

What is the first thing one should do after waking up?
Make the bed
Open the window

Question: 2/15Pick the right answer!

What is the best thing to use to clean mold and mildew from your bathroom?
Baking soda
Dish soap

Question: 3/15Pick the right answer!

What is the correct way to separate clothes when you do laundry?
By type (pants, tops, etc.)
By fabric
By color

Question: 4/15Pick the right answer!

How often should you clean your toilet?
Once a day
Twice a day
Twice a week

Question: 5/15Pick the right answer!

How often should you wash your hair?
Twice a day
Twice a month
Twice a week

Question: 6/15Pick the right answer!

Which is NOT a type of vacuum cleaner?

Question: 7/15Fill in the blank!

_____ should always be washed before you prepare it.

Question: 8/15Fill in the blanks!

A right-handed person picks up a dish with her _______ hand. She then holds the dish with her ______ hand and washes it with the dishcloth, which is held in her ______ hand.
Right, left, right
Left, right, left
Right, right, left

Question: 9/15Pick the right answer!

Which of these are NOT found on an herb and spice rack?

Question: 10/15Fill in the blank!

_____ can be stored for long periods of time without suffering loss in quality.
Canned corn
Dry pasta
Canned soup

Question: 11/15Pick the right answer!

How often should the kitchen sink be cleaned?
Every time dishes are washed
Twice a week
Once a week

Question: 12/15Fill in the blank!

"Table manners tend to match the _______."

Question: 13/15Fill in the blanks!

When serving any meal, dishes must be placed to the _____ of the person being served with your _____ hand.
right, right
left, left
left, right

Question: 14/15Fill in the blanks!

After the meal is served, beverages are placed to the _______ of the person, using your ______ hand.
left, left
right, right
right, left

Question: 15/15Fill in the blank!

Eating raw or undercooked eggs might give you _____.
food poisoning
a headache
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