Quiz: If You Can Get A 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A History Professor


Are you a true history buff?

If you know the difference between the constitution and the declaration of independence you're bound to ace this quiz!

 Mar 27, 2017
1 of 15Pick the right answer!
What was the first permanent English settlement?
2 of 15Pick the right answer!
When was the Declaration of Independence signed?
June 4, 1776
July 4, 1776
July 10, 1776
3 of 15Pick the right answer!
When was the Constitution of the United States written?
4 of 15Pick the right answer!
Who purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803?
President James Madison
President John Adams
President Thomas Jefferson
5 of 15Pick the right answer!
How long did the Civil War last?
Four years
Three months
Ten years
6 of 15Fill in the blanks!
The civil war was fought between ___ and ___.
1834, 1869
1910, 1913
1861, 1865
7 of 15Pick the right answer!
When and where were the first shots of the American Revolution fired?
April 1877 in Boston, Massachusetts
April 1975 in Plymouth, Massachusetts
April 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts
8 of 15Fill in the blank!
The Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of ____.
World War II
the American Revolution
the Cold War
9 of 15Pick the right answer!
What was a person who wanted to end slavery in the United States called?
10 of 15Pick the right answer!
What was the Temperance Movement?
A campaign against people with tempers
A campaign against gender segregation
A campaign against the sale and drinking of alcohol
11 of 15Pick the right answer!
When was the Mayflower Compact signed?
12 of 15Pick the right answer!
What is a Republic?
A nation that believes in communism
A nation that doesn't believe in religion
A nation that allows voters to choose which representatives will govern
13 of 15Pick the right answer!
What are the three branches of government?
Men, Women, Children
Kings, Queens, Congress
Legislative, Judicial, and Executive
14 of 15Pick the right answer!
What is federalism?
The sharing of military personnel between countries
The sharing of power between states and the national government
When two nations come together
15 of 15Fill in the blanks!
The Magna Carta was signed in _____ by ______.
1215, William and Mary of England
1212, Will and Elizabeth of England
1912, Thomas and Mary of England
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