Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Be A History Professor

Did you know Napoleon was once attacked by rabbits? 🐰

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 Jan 15, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick the right answer!

Finish the sequence: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson....
Abraham Lincoln
Barack Obama
James Madison

Question: 2/15Pick the right answer!

Who gave the "I Have A Dream" speech?
Martin Luther King
George Washington
Queen Elizabeth

Question: 3/15Pick the right answer!

Which of the following presidents was impeached?
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Question: 4/15Fill in the blank!

John F. Kennedy was assassinated in _____.
his home

Question: 5/15Fill in the blank!

How long does the Queen of England serve her post?
4 years
Until she dies
Until she is removed

Question: 6/15Fill in the blank!

Which country was Napoleon Bonaparte from?

Question: 7/15Pick the right answer!

Who is credited with discovering America?
John Adams
Christopher Columbus
John Locke

Question: 8/15Pick the right answer!

How did WWII end?
Atomic bombing of Japan
Signing the Declaration of Independence

Question: 9/15Pick the right answer!

What man developed the first successful printing press?
Martin Luther
Sir Isaac Newton
Johannes Gutenburg

Question: 10/15Pick the right answer!

What disease killed a third of Europe's population in the 14th century?
The Spanish Influenza
The Bubonic Plague

Question: 11/15Pick the right answer!

What happened during the Cold War?
Bombing if Hiroshima
The Red Scare

Question: 12/15Pick the right answer!

Who wrote the document known as the 95 Theses (hint: it is a fundamental document to Lutheranism)?
Henry David Thoreau
Martin Luther

Question: 13/15Pick the right answer!

Rosa Parks _______ for civil rights.
Ran for president
Sat at the front of the bus
Became a police officer

Question: 14/15Pick the right answer!

Which European wall was torn down by civilians in 1989?
Great Wall of China
Berlin Wall
Paris Borders

Question: 15/15Pick the right answer!

When was alcohol illegal in the US?
Early 2000s
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