Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This History Test, You Must Be A Historian

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"We are not makers of history. We are made by history" - Martin Luther King Jr

Can you actually pass this tricky history quiz? Prove that you're a history buff by acing these 15 questions!

 Dec 04, 2017
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Finish the sequence: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson....
Abraham Lincoln
Barack Obama
James Madison
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Who gave the "I Have A Dream" speech?
Queen Elizabeth
Martin Luther King
George Washington
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How long does the Queen of England serve her post?
44 years
Until she is removed
Until she dies
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Which country was Napoleon Bonaparte from?
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John F. Kennedy was assassinated in _____.
Los Angeles
6 of 15Pick the right answer!
Who is credited with discovering America?
John Locke
John Adams
Christopher Columbus
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What man developed the first successful printing press?
Sir Isaac Newton
Martin Luther
Johannes Gutenburg
8 of 15Pick the right answer!
Which of the following presidents was impeached?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
9 of 15Pick the right answer!
Who was tallest out of the following?
Abraham Lincoln
Napoleon Bonaparte
Adolf Hitler
10 of 15Pick the right answer!
The Red Scare during the 40s and 50s was the fear of the spread of ______.
The Black Plague
11 of 15Pick the right answer!
Who wrote the fundamental document to Lutheranism, the "95 Theses?"
Martin Luther
Henry David Thoreau
12 of 15Pick the right answer!
What state did the Gold Rush occur in?
13 of 15Pick the right answer!
Which European wall was torn down in 1989?
Paris Borders
Great Wall of China
Berlin Wall
14 of 15Pick the right answer!
What political work did Karl Marx write?
Mein Kampf
The Communist Manifesto
Origin of Species
15 of 15Pick the right answer!
The Space Race was between the United States and what Cold War rival?
Soviet Union
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