Quiz: We Can Guess Your Level Of Education Based On 16 English Questions

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How well do you know your language?

This quiz has a variety of spelling and grammar questions that test tricky aspects of the English language.

 Aug 14, 2017
1 of 16Fill in the blanks!
You must clean ______ room before _______ allowed to go to Stephanie's house.
your, you're
your, your
you're, your
2 of 16Pick your answer!
Which answer completes this spelling rule? "I before E, except after ___"
3 of 16Fill in the blank!
He refused to admit __________ too strict on the children.
had been
to having been
he has been
4 of 16Fill in the blank!
_____ the people I interviewed, 1 in 10 had a college degrees.
5 of 16Fill in the blank!
I got a _________ box for my birthday.
white, small, wooden
wooden, white, small
small, white, wooden
6 of 16Fill in the blank!
My parents suggested ______ apply for the job.
I should
that I
me to
7 of 16Fill in the blank!
She hasn't come home ______.
8 of 16Fill in the blank!
He did really ______ on the quiz.
9 of 16Fill in the blank!
This pollen is having a negative _______ on my allergies.
10 of 16Fill in the blank!
That dog is __________.
hers and I's.
hers and mine.
her and me's
11 of 16Fill in the blank!
Is your car ________ Peter's?
nicely than
nicer than
more nice than
12 of 16Fill in the blank!
I was so stunned after she _________ to me I had to ______ down.
lied, lie
lied, lay
laid, lie
13 of 16Fill in the blank!
Scarce means __________
14 of 16Fill in the blank!
I am going to _________ house over ________ later.
their, there
they're, there
their, their
15 of 16Fill in the blank!
You should _______ go to the party.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
Which answer is NOT a preposition?
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