Quiz: Only Someone With Norwegian Blood Will Ace This Vikings Test

amy, boston

Will you be as fierce as the Vikings powering through this quiz?

This quiz incorporates facts about the Vikings, their history, and Nordic culture that only true Norwegians can guess!

 Apr 20, 2017
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Which of these countries is NOT part of Scandinavia?
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Vikings kept their minds sharp by practicing __________
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Who was the first man to sail to Greenland?
Eric the Red
Sweyn Forkbeard
4 of 10Pick your answer!
What was the name given to Scandinavians in Russia?
5 of 10Pick your answer!
Who was the only person to find Vinland and winter there?
Olaf Tryggvason
Harald Hardrada
Leif Eriksson
6 of 10True or false?
Christopher Columbus beat Leif Eriksson to North America.
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What word is used to describe a longer, old Icelandic story?
Tall tale
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What kind of funeral did Viking chieftains have?
Cremated with ashes spread over his homeland
Thrown into the ocean to be "forever at sea"
Buried or cremated with his ship
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What are the two most famous Vikings ships, found in mounds in Norway?
Ormen Lange and Draken
Islendingur and Tune Ship
Oseberg and Gokstad
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The word "viking" is based on the word "vik" meaning __________
creek, inlet, or bay
ocean or sea
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