Quiz: Only A True Midwesterner Knows All 15 Of These Words

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Dontcha' know anything about Midwest slang?

This quiz includes the most iconic phrases of the Midwest region including pop vs. soda, "come with", and hotdish.

 Apr 25, 2017
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What is cornhole?
The name of a structure used to store corn once it's been shucked
A game played with bean bags often at outdoor gatherings
Corn bread in the shape of a donut hole
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What do Midwesterners call drinks like Coca Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, etc.?
Soft Drink
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The term 'skol' means:
An exclamatory encouragement
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In the Midwest, a "hot dish" refers to:
A fresh cake
The perfect Casserole
Good gossip
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If your car is broken, a Midwesterner would say...
"it needs a fixing"
"it needs fixed"
"it needs to be fixed"
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What do most Midwesterners call exercise shoes?
Tennis Shoes
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What is a Bubbler?
A drinking fountain
An energetic person
A type of dessert
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What does "Booya" mean?
You should come along!
A type of stew
Ha I beat you!
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What do Midwesterners call a stoplight?
Stop and go light
Traffic light
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Which phrase is common Midwest slang?
You bet
Dontcha know
Holy moly
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