Quiz: Only A True Anglican Can Get A 10/15 On This Religious Test

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How much do you know about the Anglican religion?

This quiz includes facts about the Anglican religion specifically as well as general bible verses and trivia!

 Jul 08, 2017
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Anglicanism is the ______ largest Christian communion in the world.
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The Anglican faith is a hybrid of which two religions?
Catholic and Protestant faiths
Islamic and Jewish faiths
Lutheran and Greek Orthodox faiths
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Which is the foundational prayer book of Anglicanism?
The Torah
Book of Common Prayer
The Bible
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What is Anglican Communion?
Association of National Catholic Churches
Association of National Anglican Churches
Association of National Orthodox Churches
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What are Anglicans known as in the United States?
6 of 15True or false?
The Anglican church is a self-governing, autonomous body.
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More than half the members of the Anglican communion live where?
North America
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The Archbishop does not have the power to:
oversee the members of his diocese
work alongside the Archbishop of York
reverse decisions made by a national church
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Why was the Anglican church founded?
A sect of people felt that Catholicism was not closely following the bible
God wished for it to be created so it was
The Pope would not grant King Henry VIII annulment from his marriage
10 of 15True or false?
Anglicans do not believe in having a personal relationship with God and His Word.
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What is the Holy See?
The priest's gaze
What Anglicans call Lutherans
The jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome
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The British monarch is the ____ of the Church of England.
Supreme Governor
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What is a deacon?
A position in the church office
A holiday
A type of religious candle
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_____ is the body of laws made by church leaders.
Judas Law
Canon Law
Blue Law
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Which is not an Anglican conference?
The Anglican Communion Primates' Meeting
The Lambeth Conference
The Annual Camp Meeting
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