Quiz: If You Can Pass This Bible Test, You Must Be Jewish


Send up a prayer that you ace this quiz!

This quiz includes fun facts about the Old Testament including facts about Abraham, Moses, David and Goliath, and other interesting topics.

 Apr 06, 2017
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On which day of creation did God create man?
The fourth day
The first day
The sixth day
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What is the first of the Ten Commandments?
Love your neighbor as yourself
There shall be no other gods before me
Thou shall not covet
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How many books are in the Old Testament?
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The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew.
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Moses helped the Israelites escape from their lives of slavery in which country?
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What does El Shaddai mean?
Almighty God
God's Love
The Lord Our Savior
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How were sins forgiven in the Old Testament?
Human sacrifice
Animal sacrifice
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Who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament?
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God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only daughter on Mount Moriah.
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How did David defeat Goliath?
He stabbed him with a sword
He threw a stone from his sling
He did not defeat Goliath - Goliath was much bigger and stronger
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