Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From The Heart Of Dixie

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Do you call Alabama your home sweet home?

Test your knowledge of your sweet home state of Alabama with this quiz, including questions about culture, geography and more!

 Sep 02, 2017
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Alabama is the setting of which iconic American novel written by Harper Lee?
Romeo and Juliet
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Old Man and the Sea
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Which team is considered Alabama's rival?
Louisiana State Tigers
Virginian War Eagles
The Pride of Kentucky
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What does the saying "it's coming up a cloud" mean?
Someone nearby is smoking
It looks like it's about to storm
You are saving a document to the Cloud
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Alabama is known for which type of food?
Tex Mex
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What is a Royal Red?
What Alabamans call people with bad sunburn
A mascot for a football team
A rare lobster-tasting shrimp from the Gulf
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Which city in Alabama has been instrumental to the U.S. space program since the 1950s?
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Which of the following are Alabamians known for?
Being very direct when they have something rude to say
Giving backhanded compliments
Never gossiping
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Alabama is home to the tallest _______ in the world.
Cast iron statue
Roller Coaster
9 of 15Fill in the blank!
Dothan, Alabama is the self proclaimed _____ capital of the world.
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How does Hollywood tend to stereotype Alabama?
Industrial, innovative people
Backwood, redneck folks
11 of 15True or false?
What is the mascot of the Auburn Tigers?
Tony the Tiger
Archie the Tiger
Aubie the Tiger
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Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Alabama?
The Yellowhammer state
The Cotton state
The Buckeye state
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If an Alabamian says they're "fixin' to" do something, what does that mean?
Trying or wanting to do something
Fixing something that is broken
They are scheming
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What mode of public transportation was boycotted in an anti-segregation protest that was started by Rosa Parks' actions?
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What plantation crop was Alabama built off of?
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