Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be From South Dakota

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How well do you really know South Dakota?

This quiz includes fun facts about South Dakota including the state capital, nickname, major landmarks, and history.

 Jun 09, 2017
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Which of these tourist attractions is not in South Dakota?
Badlands National Park
Corn Palace
Devil's Tower
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What is the capital of South Dakota?
Sioux Falls
Rapid City
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Which is NOT a nickname for South Dakota?
The Golden State
They Coyote State
The Mount Rushmore State
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In South Dakota, if someone calls something a "pecker pole" they are referring to:
A local supermarket
A small tree or sapling
A post for a woodpecker
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What area is Mount Rushmore located in?
East Forest region
Central Desert region
Black Hills region
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Sturgis, South Dakota hosts a very popular rally every year for what?
Comic book fans
Farmers who grow corn
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Which large river flows through South Dakota's capital city and forms part of its border with Nebraska?
Mississippi River
Dakota River
Missouri River
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What is the name of the indoor football team from Sioux Falls?
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South Dakota is home to the world's 3rd longest cave. Which is it?
Mammoth Cave
Jewel Cave
Mulu Caves
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What is the name of South Dakota's largest university?
Augustana University
South Dakota State University
University of South Dakota
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Which animal is known for blocking the road in this state?
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What is South Dakota's motto?
Virtue, liberty, and independence
Under God the people rule
Prepared in mind and resources
13 of 15True or false?
South Dakota has under 1 million residents.
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What does "dakota" mean in Sioux?
River people
Friends or allies
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What do you call the dish of cubed red meat, usually fried and served with toothpicks?
Shish Kabobs
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