Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Quiz, You Must Be From Irving

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How much do y'all know about Irving?

Test your knowledge on the city of Irving with this quiz composed of questions about culture, history and the city itself!

 Aug 20, 2017
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Which Fortune 500 Company is NOT headquartered in Irving?
Nokia America
Exxon Mobile
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What outdoor activity is a popular hobby in Irving?
Ice skating
Drag racing
Paddle boarding
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What is the Taste of Irving?
An amusement park
A magazine
An outdoor food festival
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Which festival recently moved from Dallas to Irving?
Latin American Heritage Festival
Chinese New Year Festival
Comic Con
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There is a massive sculpture located in the center of the city. What is the sculpture of?
A famous cowboy and his horse
Running equestrian horses
A smaller version of the Statue of Liberty
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Irving is closest to what other major city?
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Irving is close to the largest ________ in the country.
farmer's market
flea market
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If you want a good donut in Irving, where do you go?
Pete's Donuts
Shin's Donuts
The Irving Donut
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Irving hosts a tournament each year for which professional sport?
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What was the former home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys called?
Texas Stadium
Dallas Den
Cowboy Corral
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Hero Rush is a local 5K with obstacles that mimic real-life ___________ exercises.
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Irving is home to the official national museum of what?
Beanie Babies
Boy Scouts of America
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What ten-mile long trail lends itself to bikers and runners who want to weave throughout the city?
Douglas Trail
Irving Path
Campion Trail
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A common date activity in Irving might be:
Bull riding
Sky diving
A gondola ride in the Las Colinas area
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Irving is home to very few craft breweries.
True; it is a dry city.
False; craft brewing is an art form in Irving.
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