13 Things Only A True Ohio Girl Will Understand

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What's round on the ends and "hi" in the middle?

1. Skyline Is NOT Overrated.

What could be better than a hot dog or noodles smothered with Skyline chili, mustard, onions, and cheese?! The answer is nothing. Non-natives try to claim that Skyline is overrated, but every Ohioan knows these people are secretly in search of Skyline's classified chili recipe.

2. Ohio Has The Best Fans

Whether you're a Cincinnati or Cleveland fan, it can be tough to be a professional sports fan in Ohio. Nevertheless, Ohioans relentlessly root for the Browns season after season because loyalty is in your blood. And Cavs fans know that if you wait long enough, your team WILL deliver.

3. Nothing Is More Unpredictable Than Ohio Weather

75 and sunny today with a 90% chance of snowstorms tomorrow? Sunbathing in February and sledding in April? Whatever it is, we're used to it.

4. Distance Is Measured In Hours

If you ask how far one place is from another, you're only going to get a response in minutes and hours in Ohio. Miles? That information is useless to you. You just want to know how long you should make the road trip playlist!

5. You Never Leave An "O-H!" Without Responding "I-O!"

Here in Ohio, this greeting is about as common as "hello!" It is a way to show pride for the Buckeyes and for the entire state. If Ohioans see one another wearing Buckeye clothing anywhere in the world, no chance they pass each other without shouting this phrase.

6. Athens And Oxford Are Not Places In Europe

The words "Athens" and "Oxford" are immediately associated with college parties, not rich, European history. What could these cities really have on Ohio University and Miami after all?

7. We Don't Speak Of That Team Up North

Ohio State vs. Michigan is the greatest rivalry in sports, and native Ohioans always make sure they are on the right side.

8. Buffalo Wild Wings Is "B-Dubs".

The more time you spend saying the thing, the less time you spend eating the wings. 'Nuff said.

9. Stores Like Kroger And Meijer Are Possessive

Don't be surprised when you hear every Ohioan saying they're shopping at "Kroger's" or "Meijer's" or "Penney's". We get it, it's not grammatically correct. It just feels right.

10. No Other State Can Be As Iconically Spelled With Your Arms

Pictures just like this one have been taken all over the world. And people say Ohio is irrelevant. Cue the eye rolls.

11. Ohioans DO NOT All Live On Farms

Yes, we know this state is know for its crops. But people keep forgetting that Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati are three major cities! You know you're from Ohio if you've been asked at least once if you own livestock.

12. Summer Days Do Not Exist Without Humidity

Yep, curly hair has no hope in this heat.

13. You Love Being From Ohio

You can never quite put it into words, but something about being from Ohio makes people insanely proud. When hundreds of thousands of fans gather together in the Ohio Stadium to sing "Carmen" there is not a dry eye in the house - and for good reason. We love this state!

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