Quiz: We Bet You Can't Score 15/15 On This Religious Test Without Cheating

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Can I get an amen!?

How well do you know religion? Focusing on Christianity, this quiz asks questions about the various aspects of religion, from holidays to practices.

 Dec 17, 2017
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When does Lent start?
New Year's
Christmas Eve
Ash Wednesday
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What are the two key elements of Communion?
Cheese and grapes
Wine and bread
Holy water and prayer
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Palm Sunday represents the __________.
birth of Jesus
resurrection of Jesus
arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem
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What is the Holy Trinity?
Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
God, Man, and Earth
Jesus, Paul, and Mary
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________ is one of the sacraments in Christianity.
Bible Study
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What other holiday is Advent tied to?
Good Friday
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Who was NOT a disciple of Jesus?
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Finish the phrase: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done _______."
on Earth as it is in Heaven
as quickly as possible
perfectly and for all Eternity
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Where on the body is the ash usually placed on Ash Wednesday?
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Who is the most famous female follower of Jesus?
Sarah Serenia
Rebecca River
Mary Magdalene
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What holiday celebrates Jesus' birthday?
St. Patrick's Day
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Which is one of the ten commandments?
You shall not steal
You shall not hurt your brother or sister
You shall keep the Bible sacred
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What does Easter celebrate?
The birth of Jesus
The resurrection of Jesus
Jesus healing 100 people
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Sunday is also known as the ________ day.
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What is the Friday just before Easter called?
Good Friday
Holy Friday
Somber Friday
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