Quiz: Only A True Catholic Knows All 15 Of These Words. Do You?

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Prove you're the holiest of them all!

Only a true Catholic will be able to define all of these words! Including holidays and sacred Catholic traditions!

 Aug 20, 2017
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What is an assembly?
Those present to celebrate the liturgy
A Sunday School class
A religious festival
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What is a cathedral?
The major church in an archdiocese or diocese
A church with stained glass
A type of sacrifice
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A chalice is _____________.
the church choir
an ancient metal bowl
the cup used to hold the wine
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What is confession?
A sacrament
A religious dance
A Catholic holiday
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What is a lectern used for?
A tool to prepare for a sermon
To hold a book, usually the Bible
To hold a lantern
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What is mass?
Divine worship in the Catholic Church
Jesus' closest friend
The holy place of the Catholic church
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What is celebrated on Easter?
The Pope's birthday
Jesus' mother Mary
The resurrection of Christ
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What does Christmas mean to Catholics?
A celebration of Adam and Eve
The day God created the world
The day Jesus was born
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What is a blessed sacrament?
The bread of communion
The pews of a church
A hymn
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What type of person is a canon?
The priest of a Catholic church
The Pope's second-in-command
A priest who is selected by a bishop to run a cathedral
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What is a consistory?
A wedding between notable church officials
An assembly of cardinals presided over by the pope
The people who construct a cathedral
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Which of the following describes communion?
The sermon a priest gives on Sundays
Another name for the Bible
The body and blood of Christ
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Who are disciples?
Some of Jesus' followers
Jesus' parents
The main singer in a church choir
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Holy Orders are __________________.
any ordained minister
instructions given by the Pope
rules from the Bible
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What is considered blasphemy?
Getting married before the age of 18
When you skip church more than one week in a row
Any speech, thought or action that is sacrilegious
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