Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Pass This Firefighters Test. Can You?

It's Getting Hot In Here!

 Jan 14, 2017
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Question: 1/13Choose the best answer!

What do "structural firefighters" do?
fight fires in homes and buildings
fight fires in the woods
fight fires on the ocean

Question: 2/13Choose the best answer!

If the vehicle the firefighters are in pumps water it is called a ________.

Question: 3/13Choose the best answer!

True or False: Firefighters come when an elevator is stuck.

Question: 4/13Choose the best answer!

Firefighters wear ______ clothing.

Question: 5/13Choose the best answer!

Which of these do firefighters NOT use?
heavy coats
soft hats

Question: 6/13Choose the best answer!

The purpose of the Two-In/Two-Out rule is ____.
that firefighters never carry live hoseline by oneself
that firefighters never go into a dangerous situation alone
more the merrier

Question: 7/13Choose the best answer!

What does SCBA stand for?
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Safety, Caution, Barrier, Approach
So Cool Barrier Angle

Question: 8/13Choose the best answer!

The acronym RIC stands for _____.
Rapid Intervention Crew
Rapid Interruption Company
Really Interesting Company

Question: 9/13Choose the best answer!

Every entry-team must have a backup team, except for a/an ______.

Question: 10/13Choose the best answer!

The incipient stage of fire refers to ____.
the smoke of the fire
the beginning stage of a fire
the life of a fire

Question: 11/13Choose the best answer!

What is the symbol for a class "B" fire?
Pink square
Blue square
Red square

Question: 12/13Choose the best answer!

High heat, heavy smoke and little or no flames describe what stage of fire?
Fully developed

Question: 13/13Choose the best answer!

Smoke contains the following components _______.
Particles of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and cyanide
copper, sulfur, and h2O
Atoms and stuff
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