Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This, You Must Be In Pharmaceutical Sales

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 Jan 21, 2017
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Question: 1/15Choose the best answer!

What does the cardiovascular system consist of?
heart and blood vessels
liver and kidney
muscles and tendons

Question: 2/15Choose the best answer!

What does WHO stand for?
World Health Organization
World Hippie Organization
World Happy Organization

Question: 3/15Choose the best answer!

What is asymptomatic?
without signs or symptoms of disease
a cure

Question: 4/15Choose the best answer!

What is a placebo?
a active pill
inactive pill, liquid, or powder that has no treatment value
an idea

Question: 5/15Choose the best answer!

A placebo effect is _______.
the effect produced by a placebo due to the expectation of the patient
a positive way to look at life
effect of medicine

Question: 6/15Choose the best answer!

An approval letter is _______.
a letter from doctor
a letter that approves all drugs
a letter sent by the FDA indicating whether a product meets requirements

Question: 7/15Choose the best answer!

What is a double masked study?
study where participants don't know who is receiving placebo
study where everyone knows who receives placebo
a masquerade party

Question: 8/15Choose the best answer!

What is edema?

Question: 9/15Choose the best answer!

Indication is ______.
the exact cause for whether a drug is approved by FDA
doctor approach

Question: 10/15Choose the best answer!

What is plasma?
liquid portion of blood that carries proteins and other substances
white cells

Question: 11/15Choose the best answer!

What is pharmacodynamics?
study of the biochemical & physiological effect of drugs
study of physical effects of drugs

Question: 12/15Choose the best answer!

What is a warning letter?
FDA correspondence that notifies a pharmaceutical company about violations
placebo effect
FDA letter canceling a drug

Question: 13/15Choose the best answer!

Sampling is _____.
process by which pharmaceutical companies distribute free drugs
process by doctors select their patients
Costco food samples

Question: 14/15Choose the best answer!

What does ANDA stand for?
Amazing Night Doctors Assocation
Abbreviated New Doctor Application
Abbreviated New Drug Application

Question: 15/15Choose the best answer!

What is an active pharmaceutical ingredient?
active drug
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