Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Food Quiz, You've Got Indiana Roots

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Welcome to fried Heaven!

Are you truly from Indiana? Test your knowledge of the best foods in Indiana, from hoosier pie to the best corn dogs in the world!

 Aug 29, 2017
1 of 15Choose the best answer!
It's _______, not soda!
mountain dew
2 of 15Choose the best answer!
Where do people go for square hamburgers in Indiana?
White Castle
Five Guys
3 of 15Choose the best answer!
A popular Indiana berry pie is _______.
gooseberry pie
apple pie
lemon pie
4 of 15Choose the best answer!
Indiana style hamburgers go best with _______.
peanut butter
5 of 15Choose the best answer!
_______ pudding is a popular dessert in Indiana.
6 of 15Choose the best answer!
Noodles are often paired with what in Indiana?
7 of 15Choose the best answer!
Sechler's are the makers of _______.
8 of 15Choose the best answer!
How is tenderloin usually eaten in Indiana?
9 of 15Choose the best answer!
Steak 'n _____ is a popular restaurant in Indiana.
10 of 15Choose the best answer!
What is the classic way to eat noodles in Indiana?
Soaked in flavored water
On top of mashed potatoes
With marinara sauce
11 of 15Choose the best answer!
An Indiana fave at the fair is __________.
sweet nachos
fried pineapple
sauerkraut balls
12 of 15Choose the best answer!
The most famous popcorn is ________ in its hometown of Indiana.
Susie Suzanne's Popcorn
Joe's Popcorn
Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn
13 of 15Choose the best answer!
_______ cream pie is a favorite in Indiana.
14 of 15Choose the best answer!
What kind of pop is a favorite in Indiana?
Ginger ale
Big Red
Orange Fanta
15 of 15Choose the best answer!
Strawberry ______ pie is Midwest through and through.
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