Quiz: Can You Answer These 22 Manners Questions Every Human Should Know?

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You fancy, huh?

Do you have excellent manners? Or do you have bad manners? Find out in this quiz! Polite manners. Dinner party manners.

 Dec 30, 2016
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Someone sneezes! What do you do?
Say nothing.
Say "bless you"!
Give them a high five!
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When you receive a gift card from your grandma, how do you respond?
Go shopping!
Write her a thank you note.
Buy her a gift.
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You're at a restaurant with an old friend & need to take the call. You...
Don't pick up the call.
Say "Excuse me, I'll just be a moment."
Say nothing and answer it.
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Lunch is finished with your friend, and you need some lipstick. You...
Ask your friend if she is bothered if you reapply your lipstick.
Apply the lipstick at the table.
Excuse yourself to apply the lipstick in the restroom.
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You're attending a dinner party. Do you bring anything?
Yes, wine will do the trick.
No way, just bringing my appetite.
Yes, a full roasted turkey.
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Is it okay to invite a divorced couple to an event?
Yes, but make sure they are both aware the other is invited.
Just invite one of them.
No, awkward city!
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Your hairdresser just gave you the best cut. How much do you tip her?
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You should wait ____ minutes for a late dinner guest before eating.
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Your friend lost her job! What do you tell her?
Say to get over it.
Assure her everything will be okay.
Say she blew it!
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How does the dressing room look when you leave clothes behind?
Neat and clothes hung back up.
Looks like a hot mess.
The room is empty because you gave the clothes to the attendant.
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You place your napkin ______ during dinner.
on your head
on your neck
on your lap
12 of 22Choose the best answer!
A salad fork is ___ the plate than the main meal fork.
closer to
farther from
on top of
13 of 22Choose the best answer!
You borrow one of your friend's shirts. How do you return it to her?
Washed and dry cleaned
Not washed
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If you need to leave the table, you should place your napkin on the ___.
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Oops! You dropped your fork on the ground, now what?
Pick it up
Leave it on the ground
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How do you serve wine to guests?
Pound the bottle.
Pour yourself a glass first.
Fill everyone’s glass first.
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The bus is packed and a pregnant lady just got on! Do you give her your seat?
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You’re on the way to meet your dad for lunch, but you’re running late. You...
Do nothing.
Say sorry once you get there.
Let your dad know you'll be late.
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When do you hold the door open for someone?
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It's your friends birthday! Do you:
Send a birthday text to her.
Call her and say happy birthday!
Write on her Facebook page.
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A guy you're not into keeps texting you. Do you:
Text him you are busy.
Go radio silent.
Tell him you are not interested in a polite manner.
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Ugh! Someone is talking loud in a movie theater. Do you:
Throw popcorn at them!
Yell at them.
Politely tell them to bring their voice down.
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