Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

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Astrologer Meghan Rose shares the ultimate guide to surviving Mercury Retrograde!

Hello astral babe! Welcome to your Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide to help you navigate with clarity and ease. This famed astrological transit seems to keep everyone on their toes, but I am here to dispel the rumors and let you know that during our Mercury Retrograde in harmonious air sign Libra, there are ways that you can stay grounded and not only survive, but thrive! From September 9th to October 2nd, we will be asked to cross our t’s and dot our i’s, triple-check our work, and consider all of our options thoroughly before committing to anyone or anything - especially in written form!

As noted, this is not a time to fear; retrograde periods are here to help us with all of the “re-” parts of life. Using this time to reassess, recalibrate, refocus, and reevaluate our lifestyles is majorly impactful in the long-run and I’m here to help you with some simple steps to take advantage of this Mercury Retrograde period.

So What’s Actually Going on?

Mercury is our planet of communication, technology, and travel, and during Retrograde periods we are asked to spend more time in reflection and solitude to help us negate the adverse effects of this transit. However, contrary to popular belief, Mercury is not spinning backwards during a Retrograde period. When we look to the sky, Mercury appears to be reversing its direction during a Retrograde period because our lovely planet of communication is lapping the Earth. Much like being passed by a car on the highway, there is an optical illusion that occurs and makes the faster car seem like they are starting to go in the opposite direction for a moment. As the fastest moving planet in the solar system, Mercury circles the Sun every 88 days, which means that it can lap the Earth up to four times per year - which will happen in 2022!

What Can We Expect?

During this astrological transit, we can expect Mercury Retrograde to bring us hiccups in communication, travel, and properly functioning technology. Mercury rules over:

  • Communication
  • Travel
  • Technology
  • Intellect & Memory
  • Transportation

When it comes to communication, it’s best during this time period to let others speak, avoid talking over one another, and try to take time apart to decompress and get your thoughts straight before trying to convey a message. You may end up butt dialing your ex, sending emails to the wrong person, or letting out a few profanities before hanging up the phone with your boss if you’re not careful during this time period! Focus on creating clear, compassionate channels of communication during this time. It may even be wise to take a moment to breathe before each conversation and ground yourself before engaging with others - you may find that you’re more on-edge during this Mercury Retrograde period – and others may follow suit. You can combat this by imagining yourself wrapped in a protective healing light before your conversations and sending healing light from your heart space to the heart space of the person you’re communicating with. Remember, having good communication starts with having good intentions.

When it comes to travel you’ll want to make sure that you have your itinerary printed out as a back up to having the ticket, boarding pass, or QR code on your phone (which, most likely, will be dead or without service at the exact moment you need it). It’s important to rely on travel destinations and routes that you trust, but even better to have back up plans for any upcoming travel during the next few weeks. Travel doesn’t need to stop during a Retrograde, quite the contrary. But it’s best that you try to stay at hotels and resorts that go above and beyond when it comes to clear, upfront communication during your stay like L’Auberge de Sedona in Sedona, Arizona. Not only does L’Auberge have a top-tier, luxury resort, but they also offer text communication options with their staff throughout the duration of your stay. If you’re feeling extra frazzled during these next few weeks, they also offer a five-star spa on property. Treat yourself to a Turquoise and Sage Hydration treatment or take one of their weekly yoga, sound bath, or meditation classes at no additional charge during your stay. When you think about grounding yourself during a Retrograde, there’s no better time for a well-curated vacation to ease your mind, spirit, and nervous system all at once.

Technology woes during a Mercury Retrograde are old hat. Remember when Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp all went down in a global outage during last year’s Mercury Retrograde in Libra? We may need to prepare ourselves for a “round two” as we enter into a Retrograde period in the same, charming air sign this year. Be sure to back up your files, store your photos on and off of the cloud, and plan to look over any emails, electronically signed documents, and social media posts three or four times before sending, submitting, or posting! The best part about this transit is that if contracts you are currently in no longer work for you, you will have the opportunity to break them and start anew; Mercury Retrograde is all about reassessing, so make sure that you stay open to all endings which will lead to new and improved beginnings!

When we think about how intellect & memory help us navigate our daily life, it can feel scary to think that these two aspects of our cognitive function will be slowed or downright warped during the retrograde period. However, this is a fabulous time to think back on ideas and memories from your past that have not yet come to fruition. The retrograde period will grant us an opportunity to pick back up where we left off. But be aware, not everything (or everyone) from our past needs to be revitalized into our present day! You may feel prone to romanticizing people, places, and experiences from your past that are better left alone. Use your discernment during the next few weeks to avoid texting an ex, letting a sneaky friend back into your life, or going back to a job where you weren’t well-respected or valued.

In order to improve your connection between your body and your mind during these next few weeks, try modalities like yoga, pilates, a Soundbath, acupuncture, or chiropractic adjustments! For any of my fellow Los Angeles babes: In8Love Wellness offers whole body wellness programs and adjustments to get you aligned internally and externally. Get your first round of x-rays and adjustments for free by mentioning “Meghan Rose” upon booking!

Finally, transportation is the final aspect of our life that will be affected during this time. Changes to your travel time to and from the grocery store may double, your dinner delivery may be delayed, and construction detours are sure to be present. Plan ahead and try to allot yourself more time than you typically need to get to where you’re going. This can also mean that packages, shipments, and deliveries are delayed, so try to give yourself ample time to prepare a back-up plan if things go awry. Do not assume anything or anyone will be on time during this transit. It’s best to confirm (and then re-confirm) plans, stay open to changes, and even implement more alone time during this Mercury Retrograde. Try sweetening the deal for yourself by creating an at-home spa day with products like Melinda Lee Holm’s Magickal beauty potions or stocking up your medicine cabinet with sustainable skin care favorites like Jurlique’s Rosewater spray and Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser.

A final tip to reconnect with yourself and your inner voice during the retrograde period would be to spend some time in nature. As our greatest teacher, nature reminds us that there’s no need to rush your growth, and that even when you’re in a confined or dark place in life, there are ways to persevere and find the sun again.

Overall, the message here is clear for how to survive Mercury Retrograde: be patient and compassionate when you communicate with the outside world, and remember that it’s okay to spend some solo time to reflect and go inward. In a world that pressures you to go, move, do, and push forward - embrace rebellion by slowing down and reconnecting with your inner voice. Not every chapter of life is meant to be fast and hard, sometimes it’s best when we not only embrace, but enjoy the hiccups. Happy Mercury Retrograde in Libra, astro babe!

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Meghan Rose is a Los Angeles–based Spiritual Advisor, combining her work as an intuitive Tarot card reader, Astrologer and author whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at and follow her on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter.