Quiz: Can You Actually Get A 10/15 On This Medical Test? A Doctor Could!

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Whether you're a wannabe doctor or a real M.D., you'll want to take this quiz to test your medical know-how!

Quiz featuring vocabulary, terminology, history, and trivia relating to doctors and the world of medicine

 Aug 23, 2019

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Blood cells are shaped like ________.
kidney beans

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Which type of doctor specializes in the treatment and prevention of cancer?

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How many chambers are located in the heart?

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"-Ectomy" refers to what action?
An eye doctor
Surgical removal
The top layer of skin

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Where is DNA stored?

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What does vertigo cause?
Loss of smell

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"Thorac" refers to which area of the body?

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Which is NOT a system of the body?
Educational system
Lymphatic system
Integumentary system

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What is the name of the large, long bone found in the upper leg?

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What is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.?
Heart disease
Medical negligence

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Which system of the body deals with growth and energy production?
Endocrine system
Circulatory system
Muscular system

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How much of the human brain is water?

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What is average body temperature?

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Plantar refers to which part of the body?
Back of the neck
Elbow joint
Sole of the foot

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"Contusion" is the medical term for what?
A heart attack
A stethoscope
A bruise
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