Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Ace This British Slang Test?

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If you think you know your British slang, you should definitely take this quiz!

Quiz featuring British slang words and phrases, including words like corker, rozzer, and slick the mickey.

 May 14, 2017
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If someone is a "numpty," what are they?
An incompetent person
An old person
A rich person
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If Percy "did his nut," what really happened to Percy?
He lost his temper
He quit his job
He ate the last piece of cake
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What is an "argy-bargy"?
A small bird
An argument
A type of large truck
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If someone is a "corker," what kind of person are they?
An alcoholic woman
An outstanding guy or girl
A nerdy man
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How long is a "fortnight"?
One month
Two weeks
Four nights
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What does "hard cheese" refer to?
Someone's boss
A nice cheddar
Bad luck
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If someone "goes to spare," what are they doing?
Rolling a spare while bowling
Getting frustrated
Running out of money
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Which of the following is NOT a possible definition of "ivories"?
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What is the British word for kissing?
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Who is Joe Bloggs?
A sports hero
A lazy man
An average guy
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What do Brits eat when they order "fish & chips".?
Fish and crackers
Fish and fries
Fish and pretzels
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What do Americans eat when having a cookie?
A cracker
A biscuit
A brownie
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