Quiz: How Well Do You Actually Know Girl Scout Slang?

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Scouts' honor!

How well do you know girl scout slang? Were you one yourself, or always wished you were? Try this quiz to test your Girl Scout knowledge!

 Aug 29, 2016
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What's a brownie?
A girl scout's hat
A chocolatey dessert
A girl scout in 2nd or 3rd grade
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A fly-up is....
when brownies get their wings and become juniors
when girl scouts go in a hot air balloon
when brownies organize a volunteer outing
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What's an ALF?
An adult learning facilitator
An adolescent leap frog
An adult listening friday
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Who are "daisies"?
girl scout troop pets
Girl Scouts in kindergarten or 1st grade
the moms of Girl Scouts
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When you friendship squeeze you....
pass a hand squeeze around a circle
high five each other
group hug
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What's a kaper chart?
A plant identification chart
A height chart
A troop chore wheel
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A silver award is the _______ award you can receive.
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What's a trefoil?
A type of girl scout cookie
The girl scout logo
A girl scout flag
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What is investiture?
The girl scout initiation rite
The girl scout promise
Another term for the badge sash
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What's the girl scout slogan?
"Do a good turn daily"
"Be nice always"
"Never break a promise"
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What are thin mints?
the most popular cookie
mint candies
a chocolate cake
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Who are the junior girls?
the ones in brown vests
the ones in green sashes
the ones in red scarfs
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What do Girl Scouts earn?
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