Quiz: How Many Poetic Words Do You Actually Know?

poetry, books

Now don't get your stanzas in a twist ...

How many poetic words do you know? We ain't just talking Shakespeare — this means all sorts of poetry terms! Give it a try!

 Aug 25, 2017
1 of 10What's a "couplet"?
romeo, movies/tv
Two related poems
A poetic word for gloves
A pair of lines in a poem
2 of 10How about iambic pentameter?
10-syllable lines made of 5 stress/un-stress feet
The maker of fine quill pens
The meter where every line is 1 syllable
3 of 10What's an onomatopoeia?
snl, target, movies/tv
A 1,000-word poem
A poem about food
A word that mimics a sound
4 of 10How about a metaphor?
Using "like" or "as" to compare 2 things
Saying one thing is another thing
A metaphysical poem
5 of 10You're doing great! What's diction mean?
word choice
6 of 10How about "stanza"?
Sylvia Plath, celebs
The place a poet stands at a reading
An old poetry publishing house
A block of poetic lines
7 of 10What's an "enjambed" line?
audre lorde, celebs
A really, really long line
A super short line
One that breaks in the middle of a phrase
8 of 10What's "surrealism" in poetry?
When the characters are all anonymous
When the poem has a melty clock
When the events don't follow logic
9 of 10What is "anaphora"?
patti smith, books, Music
Repetition of a sound in 3 words in a row
Repetition of a sound at the end of many phrases
Repetition of a sound at the beginning of many phrases
10 of 10What is a "trochee"?
meme, jackie chan, pop culture
A type of epic poem
That's not even a word
The opposite of an iamb
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