Pittsburgh Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Actually Know?

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For the love of Steel City!

How well do you know your Pittsburgh words? Do you talk like a Steel City native or an out-of-towner just passing through?

 Jan 29, 2018

1 of 21Pick your answer!

Hit the bricks means ______________.
get to work
get lost
get a job

2 of 21Pick your answer!

"Go red up your room" means _________.
paint your room red
go clean your room
you are grounded

3 of 21Pick your answer!

"Clicker" is another term for __________.

4 of 21Pick your answer!

If a Pittsburgh local says "Stillers" they mean...
A large crowd

5 of 21Pick your answer!

In Pittsburgh, what might you hear someone yell at a person who cuts them off in traffic?
Jag off!

6 of 21Pick your answer!

What do you call the language Pittsburghers speak?

7 of 21Pick your answer!

What's a "bumbershoot"?
Anything you can't think of the name for
A can-opener
An umbrella

8 of 21Pick your answer!

"Bucs" refers to what?
Steeler's fans
The Pitttsburgh Pirates
People from upstate

9 of 21Pick your answer!

Translate this phrase: Jeet Jet?
Did you eat yet?
Did you take off yet?
Are you coming?

10 of 21Pick your answer!

A "Pittsburgh Salad" is famously topped with...

11 of 21Pick your answer!

To some people "pumpin' arn" means lifting weights, to Pittburghers it means _______.
playing baseball
going for a drive
drinking beer

12 of 21Pick your answer!

What do you call a nosey person in Pittsburgh?
A nebby
A schnauser
A rubber necker

13 of 21Pick your answer!

What weird way do Pittsburghers pronounce "slippery"?

14 of 21Pick your answer!

What's a grinnie?
Chewing tobacco
A pothole
A chipmunk

15 of 21Pick your answer!

What do Pittsburghers call a rubber band?
A billie
A gumband
A thwacker

16 of 21Pick your answer!

What is a jaggerbush?
A type of drink that is on fire
A thorny bush
A bail of hay

17 of 21Pick your answer!

What's Steel City's other nickname?
City of Fountains
The City of Bridges
Triangle Town

18 of 21Pick your answer!

What's a parking chair?
A chair holding a parking spot
A old, leather recliner
A chair you park yourself in waiting at a store

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What in the heck does "yinz" mean?
you all

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What's the special Pittsburgh way of saying "wash"?

21 of 21Pick your answer!

What does someone from Pittsburgh call a carbonated beverage?
Sody Pop
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