Quiz: Can You Ace This "Desk Pilot" Slang Test?

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We're gonna need you to go ahead and take this quiz

Think you've been a desk pilot long enough to know your office slang? Take this quiz to find out if you're a real cubicle aficionado​!

 Aug 11, 2016
1 of 10What does your boss mean when she asks you to "drill down" on something?
Get down to the details
To literally drill something in
Play devil's advocate
2 of 10When you make progress, you are what?
"Putting ducks in a row?
"moving the needle"
"Lugging the vending machine"
3 of 10What do office clerks mean by "buy-in"?
Wall Street, Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, movies/tv
20th Century Fox
Employees buying publicly traded shares of the company
Splitting the bill equally for lunch delivery
Everyone agreeing to a plan
4 of 10How do you take a conversation "offline"?
the office, dwight, cry, movies/tv
Talk about it with your boss
Talk about it in private
Talk about it on AOL instant messanger
5 of 10If someone's too busy, they'll say they're "X."
career, work
free as a bird
Running out of bandwidth
A cat on a hot tin roof
6 of 10What's the business phrase for using your own products?
movies/tv, nurse, nurse jackie
Barking with the big dogs
Sh*tting where you eat
Eating your own dogfood
7 of 10What happened to you if you experienced "the sandwich method"?
Your boss scheduled your day with the hardest tasks in the middle
Your boss gave you criticism placed between two compliments
Your desks are arranged with people facing each other directly
8 of 10What's "the walk of same"?
the office, jim, movies/tv
The signature walk of anyone who sits for too long a period
The trip down the hall to your weekly meeting
Being the first one to leave the office for the day
9 of 10What's a common office term for an individual's realm of duty?
career, work, desk
Their swim lane
Their golf course
Their boxing ring
10 of 10When there's a technical glitch, what's the term for the team to fix it?
science & tech
"unicorn team"
"tiger team"
"pirate team"
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