Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Pickled Test If You Grew Up In A Korean Family

korean, kimchi, food & drinks
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Let's get into a pickle!

Test/quiz about growing up in a Korean family. Pickled vegetables. Kimchi. Delicious. Side dishes. South Korea.

 Dec 31, 2016
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What kind of vinegar is typically used for pickling?
Rice wine vinegar
Balsamic vinegar
Distilled white vinegar
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What can you put pickled vegetables with?
Only as a side dish to stew
Only BBQ
3 of 10What is this pickled dish?
korean, kimchi, food & drinks
Pickled carrots
Pickled radish
Pickled spaghetti squash
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What is NOT a seasoning usually used for kimchi?
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What's the most common vegetable used for kimchi?
Napa cabbage
Perilla leaf
Chili peppers
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How long can you keep pickled vegetables in a jar?
5-6 months
1 year
2-3 months
7 of 10What is this?
korean, kimchi, food & drinks
Chili broccoli
Cucumbered broccoli
Pickled broccoli
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What do Americans call pickled cucumbers?
9 of 10What is this?
korean, kimchi, food & drinks
Green chili pepper pickles
Jalapeno pickles
Bell pepper pickles
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Traditionally, why do people usually pickle vegetables?
It tastes better that way
It keeps you warm during the weekend?
To have food during the winter
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