Quiz: What Kind of Introvert Are You Based On Your Small-Talk?

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What type of introversion do you have?

Personality test/quiz about what type of introvert a person you might be. Social. Inhibited. Psychology. Anxious. Thinking.

 Jun 21, 2017

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What conversation would you chose to have with a coworker?
"Yeah, my friend does 10 squats & 4 pushups everyday"
"So, the weather is.. crazy.. huh?"
"What are you doing for the holidays?"
"Did you do anything fun this weekend?"

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Which conversation would you tolerate having with a relative you barely know?
"When are you going to have kids?"
"When I was younger, I took a trip to Disneyland & it changed my life"
"This steak is so good"
"I have this cough & it's making me really sick & I can barely breathe.."

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What conversation would you have with a stranger on a plane?
"Give a not-so-brief synopsis of your life up til now"
"How's the place you live?"
"Why are you going here, and what will you be doing there?"
"What do you do for a living?"

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What conversation would you have with an authority figure at work?
"How's your daily commute?"
"How're the kids?"
"How's that HUGE work project going?"
"Um, did you see that New York Rangers game?"

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Which conversation would you have with someone you haven't seen in a year or two?
"Are you seeing anyone?"
"So, how expensive is it to live where you do now?"
"Do you still hang out with so-and-so?"
"You should totally become gluten-free!"

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Which conversation would you be most comfortable with when seeing someone in your hometown?
"Have you heard what this person is up to now?"
"Brag about your life"
"Hey, remember when..."
"I'm planning this amazing event..."

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What's the convo you would have with your best friend's new SO?
In-depth social dynamics of your work place
The greatest TV show on Earth, in your opinion
"What's better - NYC or LA?"
Negatives thoughts about some cultural thing

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What conversation would you rather have with an old friend that's still good friends with one of your exes?
"So, how's (my ex)?"
"My life is great!!!"
"Hey, remember when..." & don't mention your exes name
"What have you been up to lately?"

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Which convo would you have with a stranger behind you in line?
"What's your best cutting-in-line strategy?"
"Man, this traffic sucks"
"Do you have any pets?"
"This line is so long, and I have someplace to be!"

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What conversation would you be OK with having with your SO's parents for the first time?
Listing the foods you can't eat
If you want to try on the mom's wedding dress, JUST FOR FUN
How much of a struggle paying rent is
Whether or not you plan to have kids one day

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What would you say to someone rude who bumps into you without apologizing?
Don't say anything
"Ummm... Okay."
"Excuse you!"
"That was rude!"

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You completely mess up an assignment at work/school, what do you say to your teacher/boss?
Say your coworkers/classmates told you the wrong info
Apologize and cry
Don't say anything and hope they don't notice
Explain the problem to your boss/teacher and hope for the best
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