Quiz: Only Real Grey's Anatomy Fans Can Score 15/20 On This Difficult Test

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Test/quiz on being a true Grey's Anatomy fan. Meredith Grey. Derek Shepherd. Shonda Rhimes. Fans. Love.

 Dec 23, 2019

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What did Derek always say before starting an operation?
"It's a beautiful day to save lives."
"It's a great day to save lives."
"Let's save a life."

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Several of the doctors have significant others who we don’t immediately meet but who are referred to. Which SO is never seen or referred to in the first season?

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What did Finn's wife die from?
Car accident
Heart attack

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What do all Grey's episode titles have in common?
They're movie titles
They're song titles
They are all quotes from the episode

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What is Joe’s boyfriend’s name?

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How does George communicate that he is "John Doe"?
He asks for a pen and paper and writes it out
He sings Meredith their special song
He writes "007" on Meredith's hand

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In Season 2, young paramedic Hannah Davies sticks her hand in a patient to hold a bomb in place and says she’s too young to die. How old is she?

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After George and Meredith sleep together and he has to move out of her house, he crashes at Cristina and Burke’s. How does Cristina get George to finally leave?
She hold sex against Burke
She walks around naked
She throws out all of George's things

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Why do Lexie and Mark break up the first time?
Lexie cheats on him with George
He lets his daughter move in with them
He tells her she's ugly

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Who convinces Cristina to come back to work after the shooting?

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What does April blame failing the Boards on?
Having sex with Jackson
Not studying hard enough

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What is Meredith's sister-in-law's name?

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What disease does Ellis Grey have?
Lung cancer

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Arizona Robbins is the head of which surgical departments?
General and NICU
Pediatrics and Fetal
Pediatrics and orthopedics

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Which of these women did Richard Webber marry?
Ellis Grey
Miranda Bailey
Catherine Avery

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Who was Bailey's son Tuck named after?
Bailey's grandfather
Derek Shepherd
George O'Malley

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How does Meredith first meet Penny?
She was part of the Mercy West merger
She was one of the doctors who operated on Derek
At a dinner party

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Which of the following characters has Callie Torres not dated?

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What made Addison come to Seattle at the end of Season 1?
Richard asked her to help operate on a woman with twins
To help operate on a Seattle Grace Doctor in premature labor
To win Derek back from Meredith

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Which of the Season 12 interns pretended to be an Attending?
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